Of Arrancar and Shinigami ~ IchiTu

.:Kurosaki Ichigo X Nel Tu:.

Of Arrancar and Shinigami ~ Ichigo x Nel Tu
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Kurosaki Ichigo x Nel Tu

ichi_tu is a community created specifically for the BLEACH pairing of Kurosaki Ichigo and the arrancar, Neliel Tu Oderschvank. You can submit stories, fanart, icons, and various other creative works, along with discussing the pairing in general. However, don't forget to read the rules!

Yes, yes, how we all hate rules. However, they're needed to maintain order. And order is good.

1) Stay on topic while posting and commenting. You can stray away a little bit, but I don't want to suddenly find a comment talking about Fullmetal Alchemist for some reason.

2) NO BASHING. PERIOD. That means no outright attacking other pairings, characters, users, or whatever. When I say this, I mean no outright flaming. A well mannered argument is fine, as long as it isn't hostile. Anything that steps over the line will be removed.

3) Make sure you use the proper rating system when posting content (K, K+, T, M, Lemon), and be sure to place anything adult under a cut!

4) If you are posting something that you didn't create, make sure to credit the rightful owner!

5) Be an active member! Like most pairing communities, we fully support the posting of fan art, fan fiction, graphics, icons, and discussion in regards to IchiTu!

6) Make sure to tag your contributions appropriately. For example, if it's fanart, tag it "fanart". I won't release a tag list until we have some entries going.

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Just post an entry if you're interested! We, however, only affiliate with BLEACH related communities.

Searching for the artist of the Ichigo x Nel pic used as the banner so can credit.
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